Being a content creator in Eswatini is so much harder than it looks, people don’t realize that it’s an entire creative team in one person. Now that the power of digital has finally trickled into the market, we’re seeing more influencers and content creators pop up trying to make this a full-time job. So what does it take to become an influencer that actually makes money in the digital space? It’s all about the equipment! Let’s take a look at some basic things you need to start your content creator lifestyle in Eswatini & actually make money. 

Digital Camera For Content Creators

For the person just entering content creation, a cellphone with good video quality is a good start, however, the goal is to afford a DSLR Camera. Clear crisp content can take you far, especially if you’re looking to collaborate with brands. Try out some cheaper options on Takealot and save up. 

What people seem to overlook is how much elite video quality and editing skills can transform any brand.

Microphone Make It Clear

Audio plays a major factor in your viewers’ experience. As humans, we’ll instantly click away from a video if we can’t hear properly. Microphones make all the difference and luckily aren’t that expensive too. For the content creators who are in this for the long term, the early investment will set you up for success.

Lighting Up Your Space

To control the lighting in the room, good equipment is key! Ideally, if your pockets are a little deeper you can splurge on a lightbox & large ring light! But for the creators on a budget, a simple ring light always does the trick. You can always take the free route & use a window with natural light coming through.

GreenScreen for the Win

This last mention isn’t cheap, however, it really is the difference between a good content creator & a great one. Green screens give you the freedom to explore new ideas, storylines. The option of constantly changing your background at the click of a button. You could create a News reporting setting, A beach. It makes your content look interesting & interactive. Spending a couple thousand, buy greenscreen and try every idea that’s ever crossed your mind.

In the words of Gary Vee, there’s an audience for everything & anyone. Find something you enjoy doing, film, and upload it online. Keep consistent & try every idea that crosses your mind & you could live the lifestyle we all want; doing something you love & making money & working on your own terms. What was once a dream for people in Eswatini is row a real possibility. Create content & introduce yourself to the world.

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