Will Social Media Ever Rule Eswatini ?

Eswatini businesses need to jump on to the social media train fast before their left behind and here’s why! Eswatini is such a small, traditional country that has stubbornly clung to traditional views, even in the marketing space. With very few advertising agencies in the country, there hasn’t been a need to innovate since now! A few billboards here, newspaper article there and a possible dash of a TV ad and that’s it. Marketing is done. This long-standing effectiveness of traditional marketing is fading and the digital gap is closing. 

With over 500 000 emaswati with an internet connection, its never been a more crucial time to grab the attention of the country. It’s not enough to launch a social media page, create a post and cross your fingers. Big data will force businesses to think out of the box in order to get customers. The aim online is to catch the attention of the customer that mindlessly scrolls through their phone.

Social Media Ads For Business

Everyone is on their phone for the better part of their day, sharing their dreams and frustrations, while unconsciously giving away their buying habits. Facebook collects all the information about your ideal customer and sells it to businesses so that they can sell their service to the customer. For businesses who don’t know where to start, check out Facebook for business. There are free courses on how to improve your ads, ensuring that every cent that you spent is used effectively!

This feature will open doors for so many Eswatini businesses, giving them the right resources to capitalize their respective markets. Facebook Ads are only becoming popular now, imagine how much more in the next 5 years?

Behaving Online & Going viral In Eswatini

The internet is a crazy, beautiful and scary place, that not only has the ability to make you wealthy but in same breath can make your life come crashing down like a house of cards.  Swazi’s will start having to take into consideration what they post, as businesses (much like the western world) will start following their employee movements online! The wrong tweet might make you not only go viral, but make you lose your job and any perspective jobs in the future.  Let the west be a cautionary tale for Eswatini people: always be mindful of what you post online!

Since Eswatini is excruciatingly behind when it comes to digital innovation, their slow steady climb to a digital awakening is really one to observe and be a part of.  Take advantage now and watch your business thrive in the next 5-10 years!

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