EmaSwati have been patiently waiting for online stores in Eswatini to finally become a thing and I mean waiting. We’ve been so jealously watching the rest of the world enjoy the sheer variety and convenience that e-commerce brings while it was such foreign for us! We weren’t able to order anything that we wanted online and it shows up at the door a couple of days later. Now, it’s changing! Businesses are taking the leap and gradually creating more fully functional online stores… so let’s take a look at some of our favourites.


A trailblazing store that you’ve probably heard of is obsesseries. A proudly Swazi and female-ran store that offers a wide range of wooden accessories e.g earrings, gifts and kitchen accessories. All the products are not only beautifully designed but are completely customizable. What’s not to love?

From a digital marketing perspective, the brand has taken advantage of the gap in the market and dominated the industry with a consistent social media presence. The website is easy to navigate and instead of home deliveries, they have pick-up points across the country for products.

Visit their website here: https://obsessories.gift/ 

Quazi Design

Now this store is the epitome of environmentally friendly. Quazi Design transforms waste magazines and newspapers into originally designed jewelry, bowls, lampshades, and more. They have a variety of designs that would add a chic touch to your home decor. 

The site is very easy to navigate and the prices are reasonable. Although this is a proudly Swazi business and all products are made in Mbabane, most products are sold in Europe as it’s more popular overseas.  We think it’s time emaSwati start jumping on the bandwagon and showing support. 

Shop handmade Swazi jewelry with just one click on the Quazi Design website.

Luxe Beauty House

The beauty industry is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce industries in the world. Over the years the world has witnessed small independent makeup & skincare brands catapult into worldwide stardom with the power of social media and Eswatini has its very own online beauty store.

Lux beauty house offers a wide range of products e.g makeup brushes, eyeshadow palettes, lipsticks, and more.

Instead of getting your monthly supply of makeup products from international brands, support local and shop Lux beauty house. Their website is currently under a bit of renovation, however, pop over to their Instagram and order from their page luxebeautyhouse.

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