Is Online Shopping possible in Eswatini

The fact that online shopping isn’t as widely used in Eswatini or Africa at large is something that would discourage anyone thinking about starting an online store in Eswatini. On the surface it looks high risk: a 3rd world country that has a high unemployment rate…but the truth is, now is the most ideal time to venture into e-commerce, and here’s why.

E- commerce Statistics

According to Statista,  Africa revenue in the e-Commerce market is projected to reach US$24,759 million in 2021.  This doesn’t seem as profitable as 4.2 trillion U.S dollars worldwide at first glance but, with knowledge that Africa is the fastest growing economic continent in the world,  investing in e-Commerce now is a guaranteed way to dominate your industry in the future.

Currently, there aren’t that many online stores from Eswatini. If there are, these stores are not common knowledge. The general consensus is that citizens want convenient shopping but the opportunities haven’t presented themselves.  This is the perfect time to take advantage of the gap in the market.

Online E-commerce Tools

Building an online brand can seem quite scary or even an impossible dream to some. However, with all the courses, software tools and features online, it’s actually a realistic goal.   Businesses don’t need to pay for a website developer, when there’s shopify; an easy platform to run an online store with payment gateways built in it.  Facebook and google ads allow any business to market their brand to their desired audience, even on a tight budget. Technology has simplified running a business, the problem is that people of Eswatini don’t know that.

Online shopping is more than just a possibility in Eswatini, it’s a surety. For all the people debating where to start an e-commerce, we say do it. It’s one of the best investments you can make and at the rate that it’s going, it can lift hundreds of emaSwati out of poverty. Before you start your e-commerce journey, read about the international digital benchmark of digital marketing for your business.

7 thoughts on “Is Online Shopping possible in Eswatini”

  1. Phika Irvin Dlamini

    This is an insightful read. I would really like to venture into this space, but currently clueless on where/how to start.

    I was wondering if your company does give full guidance if one wants to embark on this journey. I have a woodworking and carpentry project running and would like to increase revenue by selling other products.

    1. Hi Phika,

      We do consultations, these help you give you a clear objective and specific steps to make it happen. Or alternatively you can sign on as a client and we take care of it.

      Depending on what you’re looking for. email us info@dm-digital.co.za or whatsapp us at :+268 7846 0623

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