Marketing in Eswatini can take notes from international campaigns when it comes to building a brand through online & visual communication. The youth joining the working class finally have the chance to flex their abilities, and what better way to improve your skills than looking at the first world for inspiration.  

Let’s take a look at a few campaigns that took “being home” during the pandemic as the perfect time to advertise to its customers. We’ll break down their unique selling point and success to see how Eswatini brands can implement the same practices.

Travel Marketing – Expedia

The tourism industry clearly took a heavy hit from the pandemic, across the globe borders closed and vacations were no more. Expedia took this opportunity to get people excited for the next year when travel resumes with the campaign “Let’s take a trip”. The ad shows a couple recreating holiday experiences at home. Directed by Victor Haegelin and developed with agency TeamOne, using household items the couple goes on a road trip, hike up a mountain, dive into a swimming pool, and enjoy room service – all the things people have missed out on as a result of Covid – all from the comfort of their living room. A brilliant idea, executed so well.

The lesson Eswatini brands can take from this ad is to be relatable. Everyone had to adjust to this new normal and Expedia took that idea and ran with it. The long and short versions of the ad have racked up nearly 20 million views on YouTube since being launched in September. It is entertaining, relatable & gives hope that we might soon go back to the status quo & enjoy the holiday that we all deserve.

Heinz – Heinz to Home

While most businesses took the coronavirus outbreak as a time to shut down, Heinz took this time to restrategize. In only 3 weeks, Heinz to home online store was created to form a direct-to-consumer experience. It became part of a broader movement towards business models that circumvent traditional retailers. Consumers could now buy their favorite products online, safely away from the anxiety of going outside to the grocery store. Genius right? Check it out: Heinz-to-home

The lesson Eswatini can learn here is to invest in e-commerce. Make your business products available with the click of a button. Don’t look at it as an expense, it’s not. E-commerce is the best investment any retail business can ever make.

Heinz to Home

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