Is influencer marketing worth it

Influencer marketing​ is a popular strategy that many marketers use today. In a nutshell, brands use people with high followers and engagement to promote a new product or service. Research shows that you can put a price on influence, as Influencers have become the new-age celebrity.

People Trust Influencer Opinions

  • Influencer marketing creates brand awareness, giving businesses the opportunity to target a specific audience. If you’re promoting a new lipstick, having influencers review your products opens you up to the audience you want and introducing new people to your brand for the first. Influencers put you in front of new potential clients. Customers no longer just support brands only based on traditional marketing, they want to know what others have to say about your brand. People trust reviews and opinions from normal people, it holds more weight than a traditional TV ad.

Access To Millennial & Gen Z Consumers

The largest active consumers age range is 16-36. Their phones live in their hands and they spend time online shopping and watching for the latest trends. This is why Influencer marketing is now a mandatory channel for reaching Millennials and Gen Z’ers. Attracting consumers from these audiences brings immense value to your brand.

Influencers Generates Leads

Social media is the leading marketing tool because of its ability to track customer activity. As a brand, you can track how a person goes from being a potential audience to a loyal one. Influencer marketing allows you to generate leads. From the people who engage with the sponsored post to people actually buying the product. You can track everything and follow a blueprint to generate leads in the future

To reach the right customers, influencer marketing is essential. Research the people your customers look to for advice and collaborate with them and watch your business grow.

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