Health is wealth, right? Right! Women in Eswatini, like everywhere in the world, feel the effects of age knocking on their doors. Skin loosens, work & home stress then suddenly your body & health is just not what it used to be. So, as a digital marketing agency that’s female-owned –  we wanted to find Eswatini online brands that cater to the physical & mental enhancement of women and men and give them a little more recognition.

Let’s check out a few health and beauty shops in the country that you can find online.

The IV Hydration Lounge

A hidden gem that many may not know of is The IV Hydration lounge. They offer a unique way to help clients get high amounts of nutrients injected directly into the bloodstream, improving several health concerns. A quick & natural immune booster & stress reliever to help you make it through your next meeting or workout. Visit their website and browse different drips that help you become more radiant, burn calories and even cure a nasty hangover. For those who aren’t afraid of needles and want to try something new, visit their site:

From a digital marketing perspective, the website is informative and straight to the point and most importantly they offer a service that is very exclusive. How many other places in Eswatini do you know that offer such an elite service? For health and beauty pick me up, book yourself an appointment.

Vijana Spa & Beauty

Every now and then we deserve to splurge on some relaxation & rejuvenation and a new spa in Eswatini has blazed the trail in the way to launch a brand online. A tranquil place to get a massage, facial, or even a professional wax has opened its doors in Ezulwini.

When it comes to online presence, Vijana Spa is a  consistent brand that keeps the same style & message throughout all its platforms. The website allows you to directly book your appointment and lists all its packages in a clear & on-brand manner.  The brand’s social media presence highlights those same services and gives people a visual peek into what they can expect when booking with them. They really sell the experience, which is a great marketing tactic.

If you need to unwind with facials, nail care, waxing, body scrubs, or massage., visit

As a digital marketing agency, we’re excited to see so many brands building an online presence.  Eswatini businesses are only scratching the surface of what the internet can do to grow a business. We’re looking forward to more proudly Swazi brands investing in digital tools. If you’re trying to grow your brand online read our blog on  Social Media Marketing: Expectations vs. Reality or contact us for an air-tight digital marketing strategy.

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      We’re a digital marketing agency that sheds light on online businesses in Eswatini. Click on the link in the blog to see the spa’s we mentioned.

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