Once in a while, we all crave a little fast food in Eswatini. How about a day off from cooking and biting into something delicious that’s made by someone else? Sounds good right? But eating the same big franchise food can be so tiring. So,  where are the good food joints in Eswatini that allow you to order on Instagram? Let’s quickly dive into ordering something new, here’s a list of fast food shops that you can find online in Eswatini.

The Food Hut

When it comes to fast food small business success stories, the reigning Food Hut has blazed the trail for any aspiring cooks. What started as a small shop that had a limited menu and a few hundred Instagram followers have blossomed into a long list of delicious burgers, cheesy chips, and mouthwatering shakes. The Food Hut is definitely a bucket list experience everyone in Manzini should try even once.

The brand really took off after taking advertising seriously, by taking professional photography of the products and making the food more visually appealing. They’ve really set the standard for other small businesses.

Visit their Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_food_hut/

Pizza Vesuvio, Italian Restaurant

You haven’t really had good pizza until you’ve tried an original Italian Pizza. It’s really an experience that needs to be enjoyed at least once in your life, and you don’t have to go to Italy to get it. Hidden behind the trees at Mantenga Lifestyle Centre is Pizza Vesuvio. It’s an Italian restaurant that makes the most satisfying, tasty pizzas and Italian dishes in Eswatini.  So before you pay for a large fast-food pizza that you always end up regretting, support a small business that actually makes the real deal.

Visit their Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pizzavesuvio_mantenga/

American Street Food SD

Every Swazi can admit to always wanting to try the fast food from America. We all grew up watching the adverts on television. Look at Burger King and the excitement around the franchise opening in South Africa. When it first opened its doors, people lined up for hours waiting patiently to get a taste.

In Eswatini, if you’ve ever wanted to try the famous seafood boil that black Americans constantly rave about, visit American Street Food SD. Shop a variety of seafood combos that are so perfectly seasoned and look so mouthwatering, right from the comfort of your home. Visit their Instagram for a full menu and options. https://www.instagram.com/americanstreetfood_sd/

Getting take-out shouldn’t be so repetitive and predictable. Support local, proudly swazi fast food stores. We hope to see more food options and food trucks in the future so that Eswatini finally has food truck festivals on a regular basis.

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