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3 Digital Marketing Tips For Eswatini Shopping Centres

Have you noticed recently that more & more shopping centres are popping up in Eswatini, at an alarming rate? EmaSwati are consuming products more than ever before, and shopping centres will have to battle it out online to keep their brand “Top of Mind” . The only way to achieve this is consistent & effective digital marketing. Below are three tricks Eswatini shopping centres can do to improve online brand awareness.

Unique hashtags For Shopping Centres

Hashtags are great. They help customers find you or a product on sale. However, a unique hashtag personalizes your brand. Think of it as a catchphrase that people identify with your brand, a tagline. When shoppers are either in the mall or talking about a specific experience they had at the mall, this hashtag is a convenient way to find out what they’re saying about your brand.  Pick your hashtag wisely though, it should be short, easy to remember and on brand.

Boost Sales With Coupons And Promotional codes

Nothing fuels a shopping addiction like discounts & promotional codes. It’s proven that people will spend more at a store if they get a deal for an item in-store. There’s a few ways to go about it online. The first way is a social media campaign that gives people access to a promo code. This promo code will be used instore. Everyone loves a sale, and people will jump at the discount.

The second is a bit more strategic. To build a database, run a social media campaign for consumers complete a simple form including their email address, to access an exclusive promo code.  This method not only increases return on your investment from sales but builds a list of engaged customers to re-market to.

Photo contests For The Win

They’re a great way to get your brand displayed across social media. It makes your brand more personal because consumers can share their life’s moments online with your brand & it’s easy for anyone with a mobile phone to take part. The one reason that this method is full proof is that fact that people love free stuff, and will enter any contest just to stand that chance to win. For example, asking your customers to share their smile to win will flood your pages with engagement but your brand will trend without you having to do any work. 

In a nutshell, shopping centres need focus on building a relationship with customers. People gravitate to things they can relate to, and building that trust between your brand and the consumer will in-turn build loyalty. The age old saying still stands: Put the customer first.

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  1. I am very much interested in digital Marketing. I am even serching for a course just to understand how it operates. Please kindly assist me in every posible way. I have almost all the working tools. I am just not sure where and how to start.

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