Within Eswatini borders are young entrepreneurs, hungry to make their mark in the world with an online magazine. They form part of hundreds of young people who are committed to being the first business owner in their families, walking the path less travelled & trusting in themselves and their abilities. Since everything is going digital, we wanted to highlight an online business that is blazing the trail of innovation.

This month, our business shoutout is Cardinal Magazine, an online luxury travel & lifestyle magazine that showcases the hidden gems of Africa & Eswatini. Managed by a group of 20 somethings, Cardinal magazine is a visual experience that captivates you from cover to cover. The clean & classy aesthetic positions it as the go-to lifestyle mag for people on the journey of self-development. Enjoy fashion tips from Eswatini’s most talented models, discover new travel destinations and learn how to improve your money management. 

Why The Magazine Matters

What makes the magazine so great is how it’s creating a platform for Eswatini creatives to showcase their talents. Photographers, writers & models have their work on display for everyone who reads, giving them the chance to reach people beyond our borders. This is something that just did not exist in this country before. 

We’ve said it so many times, Eswatini is behind in many things but not when it comes to creatives. If you ever feel like Swazi’s lacks talent, scrolling through the magazine shuts that thinking down almost immediately. Expect world-class fashion photography & insightful articles from young Swazi who have dedicated their lives to show the world that Africans are capable of competing on the world stage.

Support proudly Swazi businesses like The Cardinal Magazine. A space made for Africans, by young Africans.


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